If you’ve never heard of TEDx: It’s a program of local, self-coordinated events that bring people together to share their experiences. Each year, we try to be there and we’re always inspired by the speaker’s amazing stories.

This year, the internationally famous Brussels College Of Advertising & Design, better known as  CAD organised their very own TEDx! As a front-runner in all things creative, the CAD’s theme of choice for the event was perfectly fitting: “Creativity is power.”.


At EVO, our working philosophy and creed is “Creative performance”. We always try to find the best balance between both worlds and we are convinced that our power lies there. You can imagine why we felt inspired by the chosen theme.

That’s why we decided to be the main sponsor of the event, though it was definitely in support of the CAD as well, as many of our in-house designers are old students or even lecturers at the college.

As promised, the speakers proved time and time again how and why creativity can be a huge power in the world. We picked up three great life lessons from our favourite speakers :

1# Anticipate the future with creative solutions

Jules Coignard and Raphaël Masvigner are two French entrepreneurs who are passionate about the concept of a global circular economy. Instead of a linear economy where we buy, use and throw out, the circular economy aims to influence the whole economic lifecycle and reduce the use of natural resources as well as waste.

In 2014, they decided to follow their vision. They travelled around the world, to more than 20 countries, looking for local initiatives relating to the circular economy. When they returned to France, Circul’R was born.

Circul’R connects startups with established companies in order to co-create innovative and creative circular economy solutions. Their powerful initiative and enthusiastic conversation made us hopeful for the future. 

2# Stay inspired with creative thinking

How do you stay motivated and inspired when dealing with challenges such as the one Circul’R is facing? You just need a bit of Maya Hayuk’s perspective! This beautiful artist has her very own vision of the world. She uses visual information around her and transforms it into art.

Originally from Ukraine, she has her own gallery in New York, where she lives whenever she’s not busy travelling around the world, creating her remarkable artistic murals such as the one below.

EVO TEDx CAD Maya Hayuk

CHEM TRAILS NYC, Houston & Bowery, February 2014. PHOTO: Marta Cooper

Her capacity to depict the world through her work and even the way she expresses herself shows so much creativity that it’s infectious. After her talk, we felt encouraged to be more creative and free in our daily tasks and we’re all going to be influenced by her amazing dynamism.

3# Use technology creatively

Théo Sarantoglou Lalis is a Greek and French architect, lecturer, teacher and visionary. In 2009, he co-founded LASSA, an international architecture practice.

With LASSA, Théo Sarantoglou Lalis’ ambition is to take on challenges such as demanding locations, complex structures, tight budgets and short construction times without any compromise on quality. He adds to these challenges himself by using locally sourced materials and being hands-on through the entire process.

By using technology for manufacturing and digital design, he manages to face these difficulties head on and the results are breathtaking. Just marvel at their latest creation called Villa Ypsilon.

EVO TEDx Villa Ypsilon Lassa Architects

VILLA YPSILON by LASSA Architects, Finikounda, Greece

By using technology in this way, the future seems hopeful, doesn’t it? If we keep practising our creativity like these inspiring examples do every day, we can all surely make a difference.

EVO TEDx CAD Creativity Fitness

Picture by Raïs De Weirdt / Quote by Creativity Fitness

Special thanks to all the speakers, to the CAD and especially to Emilie Maquet for organising this event and making it an unforgettable day and a highlight of 2018!

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