With content marketing being the number one used strategy by companies nowadays, marketers need to be able to make this content available for the largest amount of people to see. In order to do so, blogs are often related to Facebook pages. But is it really enough? Some Facebook pages, however interesting, only have a few likes and, therefore, few people reading their posts. Using the ads manager to boost your post can be a good way to get more traffic to your Facebook page.

Facebook Ads
Not only that, Facebook ads can also be related to your website and help you get more traffic there.
Nevertheless, if you want your ad to be efficient, you’ll need to do it properly. As we are doing community management for multiple clients, we’d like to share with you our experience on how to make a proper Facebook ad.
The first thing you need to know when you create an ad is that there is 3 different types of ads: sidebar, newsfeed and mobile.
If you only have a very small budget for your ads, I would suggest you to start with newsfeed ads. However, if you’re willing to put a little more money in it,  don’t throw the mobile ads away. Indeed, experience has shown us that more and more people are using social networks like Facebook or Twitter on their smartphones, on their way home or while watching television, etc. Our analytics have shown us that more Facebook ads-related conversions are done on mobile than on desktop.
You can now start creating your ads. But, in order to do so, here a 3 very important points you really should pay attention to.

Target the right people

Creating content, bringing awareness to your business definitely is important but putting effort into it without targeting the right people won’t do you any good.
Facebook Ads Manager allows you to target the people who will see your ad and to be very specific about it.
First of all, you can choose in which area you want your ad to be displayed whether you choose for it to be an entire country, a city or people living nearby a specific place.
people-woman-coffee-meetingYou can also choose the age, gender and language of the targeted people.
More importantly, the ad manager allows you to target people by interest, thanks to this tool you’ll be able to reach the people that are interested in what you have to offer.
Let’s say you have a fashion store and want for it to be known by more people.
You’ll create an ad to boost your page and target people interested in things like shopping and fashion. You can also be more specific and target people who like specific brands like Burberry or even Zara.
You can also target fans of other Facebook pages like your competitors pages or people who are offering the same thing as you do.
This feature can be very useful because if those people are more likely to like your page if they already do it for one of your lookalikes.
Finally, if you had the opportunity to create a database of email addresses or phone numbers. You can create an email list in your ads manager and target that specific list for your ad. It could be an interesting way to win back some old leads of yours.

Impress with the right image and text

The most common error people who want to bring awareness to their business do, is to create an ad with a picture of them on it.
For example, you’re a sportive coach and want to get new customers. You place an ad with a picture of yourself and a description of what you offer. The problem is that people don’t know you and, therefore, your picture won’t speak to them. Instead of that, if you choose a very catchy image of people getting fit with a good catchphrase, they’ll be intrigued and will more likely click on your ad to see what you offer.Facebook Ad

As some of you already know, Facebook has a very strict policy about the amount of text that can be put on the image of an ad. So, if you do add text to it, make it short and catchy.
To make sure your image doesn’t go against Facebook’s policy, use this image checker tool.
When you do newsfeed ads, it is important to put a title and a description under your add but the most important text is the one you’ll put above the image. That is what people read first so make it attractive.

Use the ads manager to do retargeting

Thanks to the Ads Manager, you can put a pixel on your website to target people who went but did not convert or to exclude from your campaign the people who did, for example.
To do so, you need to log into the ad manager and click on tool and go in the audience section. Choose create a custom audience and website traffic.
Install the code in the footer of your website.
Go back to the tool create your audience. You can now choose if you want to target everyone who went to your website or only specific people.
If you want to exclude people who became members, exclude the ones that came on the thank you page from the targeting by selecting  “people who visited a specific web page” and entering the url of the page. You’ll be able to exclude those people from you ad.

You now have all the information you need to start creating your ad. But don’t forget to fix a lifetime of daily budget. It can be anything you want. We would advise you to start with a low budget though and see how it works. You can adjust your budget when you see how your ads respond ;-).

Final little pro tip: when you set up a lifetime budget, you can schedule it to run only between selected hours. So a good first step would be to analyse your (potential) customer habits to see when they are more likely to be connected on their Facebook account and see your ad.

That’s all guys, we hope this article was helpful to you. Don’t forget to like our Facebook page for more articles like this one!

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