Brussels, November 21st, 2017 – Performance marketing enterprise EVO Group announced the acquisition of digital creative bureau One Million Dollars (also referred to as 1MD). EVO Group and 1MD had collaborated on several occasions in the past and decided to unite and join forces. This acquisition is a major milestone for both companies, in line with their proper growth and expansion objectives.

EVO feat. 1MD: a new adventure starts beyond

The origin story of 1MD is one of defiance and swimming upstream. They started out very small, in 2009, and grew exponentially within the first few years. Now, not yet 10 years later, they have made a name for themselves in digital advertising with an impressive array of missions for renowned brands such as Volkswagen, Niko and AXA, to name a few.

Georges Petkidis, Founder and Graphic Designer at 1MD had this to say about their success: “We like to think that our clients appreciate the direct contact with the creatives. I’ve worked for big advertising companies and I got fed up with their rigid hierarchy. We don’t have to go through project leaders, managers and directors to get a good idea approved. We just do it.”

EVO Group’s adventure started in 2001 as a performance marketing company. As years go by, the company has established a wide portfolio of services, from web design and development to digital strategy. The group grew nationally as well as internationally and caters to many different companies with a variety of internal initiatives and participations in promising startups.

Same vision, complementary expertise : the force is with us

EVO Group and 1MD had previously partnered on several design projects. The effortless communication and the ensuing results are part of the reason for the acquisition.

Eric Joiris, Founding partner and CEO of EVO Group: “From the very first time we worked together, the connection was made. You could say the sparks flew! The decision to join forces came naturally, as a way for both parties to considerably upgrade our weaponry.”

The CEO strongly believes that 1MD’s ultra-creative video skills, motion graphics know-how and proficiency with artistic design are perfectly complementary to the expertise EVO has built in performance marketing, web development and digital strategy. This will help the group to take advantage of the exponential growth of video marketing. Both parties also share the same mindset and vision for the future.

Fabian Aerts, Founder, Creative Director & Motion Designer at 1MD: “At EVO, we found the same drive and ambition as we have at 1MD and the same values. We disrupt the status quo and we have a thirst for new projects and challenges. We like to break rules, push boundaries, shake things up!”

Planning ahead its expansion, EVO Group recently expanded its headquarters at Avenue Louise with an entire second floor, doubling the space for their new and existing crew members to express their creativity and get inspired as a team.

Now that EVO Group and 1MD have joined forces, they aim for and expect a rise in productivity and efficiency as a pathway to achieving stellar results. All the while, they will keep the trusted way of working and communicating that their associates and clients have grown accustomed to. By working together, 1MD’s clients will benefit from a whole additional range of services and EVO Group will be able to rely on an augmented, cutting-edge creative team.


For more information, please contact :
Coraline Verbraeck

EVO Group


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