Today we met with Clara Mispleter, a young but successful employee here at Evolutionland. She took the time to answer our questions about her job as a designer, and to talk about her inspiration and her journey from school to her actual position as Art Director.

1. What is your role and your responsibilities @ EVO

I am the Art Director of the Creative & Design unit at EVO. I oversee a small team of 3 people (Alexandra, Marianne & Lorena). We are in charge of the design and creative conception of websites, apps, prints, animations, graphic identities and commercial materials for our clients.

Interview Clara Art director

2. How did you get into design, and what was your path to your current role?

I’ve always had some kind of predisposition for art with my gymnastic activities as well as my passions. I still spend hours looking at the covers of my favorite books, at illustrations from authors I love, such as Robin Hobb and Alan Lee. Analyzing the graphics of my videogames (Limbo, Warcraft, Assassin’s Creed, …) is also one of my guilty pleasures.

Nevertheless, I discovered web design and the unusual way of teaching from the CAD in Brussels  thanks to a friend of mine. Studying there, I was able to flourish through the learning of curves and spaces, above all in projects that require great precision. More importantly, I enjoyed working with professionals (Our teachers were all working professionals).

I’ve learned lots of things from my job since my first day here. When you’re fresh out of school, there’s a lot of stuff you don’t yet know. I’ve learned that the most important thing was to promote the message in order to offer the best user experience. The design is there to assist the message. It is a challenge that I like and that keeps me motivated.

Marianne, Alex, Lorena and I, we all have our specialty. We’re making progress everyday in creative areas such as photography, vector-illustration or animation. It allows us to think about and to create the most suited projects while having fun.

3. How would you define success, and do you think you’ve found it yet?

Interview Clara Art directorIn my opinion, success is not about winning something or becoming famous. It would be more something like being able to go further everyday, not to “rest on your laurels”. There are so many things to learn and to discover, especially in our area of activity.

The way to success, is to feel good where you work, never to wake up thinking you don’t want to go to work.

At EVO, I’m lucky to be allowed to dare and try new things, and to be listened to by my colleagues and my superiors.

4. What are the three critical elements of an effective workspace?

  • Feeling at home in your work environment; to feel comfortable enough to be able to focus 100% on your projects. Total peace of mind is something very important to creative people!
  • Recreational and relaxing spaces! It helps us bond, and we learn to know each other better.
  • A good atmosphere between colleagues and team spirit. It really is important to me, the team spirit; like in the sports I used to do, and that I still watch a lot!

5. Do you ever work outside the office?

This might surprise you but I’m actually not a big fan of the « Home Office » thing. I don’t really enjoy working alone. I’ll only do it every now and then when I need to be 200% focused on a project! Otherwise, I love the stimulation my colleagues bring me.

Still, I like the change of atmosphere once in a while. We are very lucky to work in the center of the city…

I enjoy working in the Egmont Park in the summer. It is relaxing and I’d love to try the restaurant they have there.

We also have multiple headquarters where we meet between us to debrief on a project or just to hang out together, like the Gazetta or the Pain Quot’. We also like to eat right next to the fountain on Place Stéphanie.

Interview Clara Art director

6. Where do you look for the inspiration for your designs?

I’m a very curious person ☺. I draw my inspiration from everywhere, but mainly in the news and in movie or series credits for instance, I love the graphic style from Sin City. I often find myself buying products because of their creative packaging, … I also think we can learn a lot from cartoons. Their approach to communication is interesting, very clever, clear and efficient! Plus, I am a big fan of graphic posters like the ones from Laurent Durieux.

However, even though I spend a lot of time looking at books in stores, I almost never buy any. The problem with this kind of books is that they are too quickly out of date. And I know that, once in my library, the book will never come out of it again…

7. What blogs, news sites, or magazines are you loving at the moment?

8. Could you list 5 apps you can’t live without?

 9. What kind of music do you listen to?

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