Not so long ago, we asked Adrien to take the time to answer a few questions about him and about his work at our company.  We hope you’ll enjoy reading the interview of one of EVO’s oldest (though not in age) employees.

1. What is your role and responsibilities @EVO? What do you do on a daily basis?

I work as Backend Manager at EVO. I handle website development, server administration and contacts with clients. The backend part of development is the server side of coding. We handle everything that interacts with the databases. It represents everything installed on the server that works in synchronisation with the Frontend part.

I used to work alone on my projects. Before, we used to assign one project to each backend developer. But we recently recruited more people and I now work closely with Michael who is our newest Backend Developer.

Adrien with Michael

2. Did you study development at school? How does one become a Backend Manager?

I studied Computer Science to become a developer. I’ve been working here for a while now and became a manager quite naturally. I’ve always loved programming. Therefore, choosing it as my field of study seemed like the only possible choice. My classes were about backend development. I started doing that and never stopped because I still enjoy it a lot.

3. Is it something that needs constant learning? How do you manage to stay up-to-date?

It asks for constant learning. I’m a very curious person and I’ve always been interested in new technologies. Which is good because it is necessary for the projects we work on.

Adrien smilingI read a lot of articles online and, sometimes, I also read books. I actually do a lot of self-learning because you can find lots of well-documented articles on the Internet. Since we are using open source products, there is always useful information available. This is actually why we like working with open source products. They can be used free of charge and everyone can help improving the product.

4. What is it like to work as a Backend Developer @EVO? How are your relations with the team?

I like my colleagues a lot. They are nice and the atmosphere at the office is really enjoyable. We have a good team spirit. I also like working here because the boss gives us a lot of freedom in our job, especially in our choice of technologies.

We are also allowed to take a home working day when we need more calm or when we need to focus on something specific. It’s important for us to have that.

5. How long have you been working here? Has the company changed since you started?

I’ve been working here for seven years. The company has grown a lot since then. When I started we were only two in my department. Since the beginning, there’s been some sort of family spirit and it stayed that way over the years.

When I started, I worked in my boss’s kitchen. It was very different from the offices we have now!

I think it is a good thing for the company to have grown so much over the years. It means that we’re doing a good job and that it pays off. It also opens us a lot of opportunities work-wise. Our jobs are more diversified than in the beginning.

Adrien playing

6. What do you think are the company’s strengths and weaknesses?

I think the company’s biggest strengths are the freedom we get; the fact that we get to have a home working day once a weak; also the colleagues and the all-you-can-eat food cupboard full of fruits and snacks.

I guess the company’s only weakness is that the open space is starting to be fully-occupied and it is sometimes hard to focus with so many people around you. But that’s what home working days are for. Plus, we know the bosses are looking for solutions to solve this problem.

7. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

On a paradisiac island… More seriously, I actually see myself here. I’d like to have new colleagues and more people to work with in my team.

8. Which websites, magazines are you enjoying at the moment?

9. List some apps you can’t live without:

10. Share with us a Spotify playlist (10-20 songs):

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