In this 4th round of our interview cycle, we take you to meet one of our strategists, Eliott. He’s only been there for a year and, still, we cannot work without him anymore…

1. What is your role and your responsibilities @ EVO?

I started as a Community Manager but it quickly evolved in a Creative Strategist position. Basically my job is to come up with original ideas that would eventually help reaching the goals I was given.

interview eliott creative strategist

Then, I’ve got to make sure that these ideas come true. Sometimes it’s pretty basic, like running a few advertising campaigns on my own. But occasionally you get more challenging projects like directing a video commercial for a new Social Media, building marketing strategies for a famous Hotel Chain, coordinating a magazine’s editorial, searching for innovative ways to improve a bank brand image… So my position is a bit shady but full of twists.

2. Where do you find inspiration for your work?

I guess in everything that’s not work-related at all, such as movies, video games and Internet stuff I come across. The good thing about the e-marketing business is that the simplest, dumbest idea you can have might be tomorrow’s biggest hit. And then, 6 months later it’s all done and you have to find something new to entertain your audience.

So, the best thing to do in my opinion is to store as many stuff as you can in your brain and mix it up to make it fit the situation. I don’t read much and I have no interest in theories. I like to experiment and combine ideas I fond here and there. Often, those ideas are related to a completely different topic like video games for instance. Even though a lot of people might think these are just games, it’s much more than that and it’s 100% part of the culture, next to reading books or going to the theater. It’s a life experience that brings together hundreds of millions of people that just want to be submerged by a scenario, a game-play etc. My point here is that videogames are the most immersive experiences you can get. What else can make people feel so powerful for a brief amount of time? What else can keep people so many hours staring at a screen? Nothing! This is why I’m convinced that we can apply many of its marketing and strategic aspects to more traditional concepts in order to make them more appealing, more attractive, more intelligent, more diversified and especially more addictive.

interview eliott creative strategist

3. Is it what you wanted to do when you started studying? What did you study?

I don’t remember what I wanted to do a few years ago. I started studying at the University but I gave up after a few months because it wasn’t really my thing. Plus, I don’t like listening to people when I don’t want to and I’m not known for being a patient person. So, 5 years sitting on a bench and writing down stuff I don’t care about definitely wasn’t for me. This is why I picked studies I thought I could be good at, studies that could gave me opportunities and I knew that « International Trade » in Liège offered an exchange program as well as 4-months internship in third year so I figured I could just do that, wait for 2 years and then do my own stuff.

4. What are your passions outside of work?

Music. I run a music label called Folie Douce on the side. I’ve been doing that for like 5 years now and it’s working well. I travel a lot thanks to it, I still deejay often, I produce artists and I also throw parties. This summer I’m going to organize my first label night in Tokyo… I can’t wait.

Besides that, I love movies. I think I watch like 5 to 10 a week depending on the time I have left. I don’t go to bed until I’ve watched at least one. I’m a fan of science fiction and love stories.

I’m also fund of videogames. I spend hours looking for gems in stores and then I don’t stop playing until I’m finished.

Finally, I like shoes. It’s probably the best thing on this planet.

interview eliott creative strategist

5. Isn’t it too hard to juggle between the two? How do you manage on a daily basis?

With music? It depends. Sometimes yes but most of the time I can handle it without any problem. I often play at shows during the weekend so it’s fine and I got enough time at noon or during the evening to answer the music-related requests. It’s all just networking eventually.

6. How would you like for your job to evolve in the future? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I like responsibilities, challenges and changes but I especially love to create things from scratch. I want to be a self-made man. And I want to succeed because of my ideas and in 5 years I hope I’ll be like swimming in cash or currently filling the swimming pool with it.

7.  Why Evolutionland?

Well it was the company that gave me the best first impression. People looked young, the offices were cool, the boss was super nice and the job seemed more interesting than the other ones I interviewed for. Now that I’m here, I can work on a bunch of different concepts, with various in and outs but always with a great freedom and with an engaged interest from the upper management in any idea I can bring to the table. I feel like I’m valued here.

8. What blogs, magazines, websites are you addicted to?

  • Sens Critique: Best website for movies, books, series, animes, music… Everything. I spend hours on it.
  • Dat Piff: My biggest source of new hip-hop.
  • End Clothing: A cool clothing website.
  • Booba Quote: When I need inspiration in my life.
  • Reaction Gif: When I’m too lazy to talk.

9. 5 apps you can’t live without

  • Vine: My daily dose of funny stuff.
  • Uber: This is survival material.
  • Instagram: Obviously.
  • Marvel Champions: When I want to kick ass.
  • Basedmoji: I don’t know any other way to say good night than with the Based God.

10. What kind of music do you listen to?

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