For this second edition of our interview cycle we decided to meet with Michèle, one of our Sales and Marketing geniuses. She was nice enough to answer our few questions about her function, her day-to-day job and her journey from school to her actual position as Key Account Executive.

1. What is your role and your responsibilities @EVO?

Interview Michèle : key account executive

I’m a Key Account Executive within the Sales and Marketing unit at EVO. I’m working as a team with Caroline; together we launch our clients’ campaigns working with partners and affiliates. I also work on the PRM for which I am the contact person. Basically, I’m the link between the client and our company. Part of my job consists of strategic meetings, during which we try to improve our methods in order to get even greater results.

It is a great position because I get to work with everyone from designers to developers and strategists. Professionally speaking, Philippe is my closest coworker; he helps me answer all the technical questions our clients ask.

I’m also part of The Party Team, which is great because we get to organize every team building and event within the company.

2. Is it something you studied for? Is it fulfilling?

It is actually funny because I studied Advertising in Saint-Luc. I studied a little bit of marketing, but my studies were more artistically oriented. I learnt how to draw, how to find creative concepts to sell ideas.

It is a nice coincidence that brought me here: I found this job in my parking lot!
 My neighbor became my boss 🙂 .

First I started as a marketing assistant, I was busy with multiple tasks within the company; I even did some designs at one point.
 Then, one of my colleagues had to take a maternity leave so our bosses asked me to take her place during her leave, and trained me for the job. They must have been pretty happy with the job I did, because when she came back, they offered me to keep the job and work with her in a partnership. This is how I became a Key Account Executive. 
It is a job I like, and I would like for it to evolve in the future. I love that I’m in constant contact with people. Even though, it is sometimes difficult because most of it is done via email, I have the chance to work with an amazing team, which is really rewarding on a personal level.

Interview Michèle : key account executive

I think that what I love best about working here is that they give you the possibility to try and flourish in multiple projects, via various activities. Thanks to that, your job never gets boring!

For example, I’m currently working with one of our strategists on a wedding planning project for one of our clients. It is quite different from what I usually do but as I also have a certificate in wedding planning, it is nice to be able to share my knowledge and work on an exciting project.

3. What are the key elements to your job?

First of all, I’d say organization and efficiency. Sometimes, we need to work on really tight deadlines and with hundreds of mails to send each day, your organization skills must be on top to get the job done correctly and in time.
Other than that, I also give great value to team spirit and well-being.

It motivates me a lot to know that I will see my colleagues and that my day is going to go well partly because of that. It would be impossible for me to work properly if I wasn’t feeling okay, if the atmosphere was terrible… 
Thankfully, team spirit is one of the values our bosses are really keen on. They make us organize team buildings at least twice a year and encourage us to spend time together during breaks. Now, I can say that some of my coworkers have become real friends to me.

Interview Michèle : key account executive

4. Do you ever work outside the office?

Yes and I have to say that I love it! Once a week, I get to work from home, usually on Friday. Mostly, I love it because I live far from the office and working from home improves my everyday comfort. I love my colleagues and I love seeing them everyday but sometimes it can be difficult to work in the open space.  Working from home, you can enjoy a calm atmosphere and you get more intimacy.
 Of course, my job is more appropriate for working from home than the ones of some of my colleagues. The most important part of my job is done via email, so I don’t have any problem working from far away. I could even work from the moon, if the wifi connection was any good there!

5. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Interview Michèle : key account executive

Hopefully, our results will be so amazing that we will all work from the Bahamas. 
More seriously, I hope to be working on various interesting projects and event planning and maybe the wedding planning project will succeed and get even bigger over the years? Fingers crossed!
 I hope I will still be here anyway, because of the opportunities, and because of the team.

What makes your job special? 
What makes it special is the same thing that makes it scary at the same time. You need to always be careful what you do, because the work of the entire company is in your hands. We are responsible for what the others have done and if a campaign does not work, it is our responsibility to give the feedback to the others. We are the last link of the chain, the creative process comes to an end with us.

6. Which blogs, websites and magazines are you loving at the moment?

  • Marianne made me discover it (Funny and Girly, I love it!)
  • Sciences et vie: My engineer of a boyfriend is trying to initiate me to Science…
  • Cosmopolitan: the stories and discoveries
  • Pinterest: sources of inspiration
  • Houzz: gives me inspiration for my dream house
  • Marmitton: I’m a food addict
  • Il était une pub: website full of commercials from all over the world site, as well as advice on the Adobe suite, etc.
  • Spion: things seen on the Internet, entertainment

7. Which 5 apps are you a big fan of ?

8. What kind of music do you listen to?

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