Did you know that, at EVO, we also develop mobile apps? We have a really nice team of mobile developers and we thought it’d be nice for you to meet them! This is why we met with the sweet and always smiling Frédéric. Keep reading to get to know him…

1. What is your role and responsibilities @EVO? What do you do on a daily basis?

I’m Head of Mobile Development. My job is to have a global view of all mobile platforms (iOS & Android) in order to be more coherent in the app development process and to create two apps (one for iOS and one for Android) that look the same. I also develop apps for iOS thanks to my 7 years of experience.

Fred making organic coffee with Daniella

2. Have you always been doing mobile dev? What did you do before you came to EVO?

I’ve done lots of different things. I’ve been working as a developer for 20 years. Mobile development did not exist at the time, I was developing client-server databases. Before websites were able to connect to distant databases, we had to have an app on our computers to do the job. These apps are precisely what I was developing.
I’ve also worked as a DJ for 7 years. It was my main activity for a while but it wasn’t easy to make a living out of it.
I’ve been working as a Mobile Developer for 7 years. I learned everything by myself, there were no documentation or good books on the subject back then. Stanford University partnered with Apple to teach people how to code and posted videos of the classes online. I watched all their videos.

3. What do you like about what you do?

I have quite a cartesian mind, not to say a square mind, I love to solve problems and do things I can be proud of, from a technical point of vue. I like being a developer because it makes me feel that way.

fred with maxime

4. When did you start working here? What made you want to join the team?

I started working at EVO around March 2015. Before that, I used to work at a startup that unfortunately had to close down. I found myself out of job overnight. It was quite brutal. Afterwards I decided to take the time to find the right place for me to work at. I saw EVO’s job offer on the Internet and loved the feeling that I got out of it. You could immediately see that the work environment was one of the company’s main priorities.

5. What kind of project are you working on at the moment? Do you like working on it? Why?

I’m working on twixxo. It’s a really interesting project because you don’t only get to develop the product but also invent it. It’s far more interesting tha developing a predefined product. You really are a part of the product making.

6. What are the things you like best about working here?

Almost everything. First of all, I really enjoy the work environment. I also like my colleagues a lot. There used to be a lot of conflicts between colleagues at my other jobs, not here. And when it happens, they are quickly solved. Finally, I like the fact that we get to do our job properly. It’s all about quality, rather than working faster everyday.

Frederic on the roof

7. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself managing a team and teaching people how to do the job but in the same kind of atmosphere as here. I don’t see myself working for big corporate companies like banks or phone operators.

8. Which websites, magazines are you enjoying at the moment?

My sources of information on development are newsletters from other developers like Dave Verwer or Ray Wenderlich. They share websites and articles they found that they think are relevant. Thanks to them, I don’t have to spend hours screening through what’s available on the Internet.

9. List 5 apps you can’t live without

  • Citymapper (to use public transportation efficiently)
  • AfterShip (to track my internet orders)
  • BlaBlaCar (to share my car when driving to/from Paris)
  • Mapstr (to share my favorites places with my friends)
  • iCompta (to keep track of my bank account)
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