For this interview, we decided to change things a bit and meet with one of our interns instead of one of our team members. Indeed, @ EVO we value our interns as much as our employees and we really do care about the experience they have here and their thoughts on how things are going. This is why we invite you to take a look at Florian’s thoughts on what it is like to intern @ EVO!

1. Could you tell us a little bit about you? What are you studying and what kind of job would you like to do when you graduate?

I’m a 20-years old student from Nivelles who is currently living in Brussels. I’m studying advertising and graphic design at the CAD. I’m very passionate about it and one could say that I’m quite a motivated student. Regarding my future job, I’d say that I want to do something that I enjoy. I think it is important to love your job, to enjoy it. I’m very interested in mobile apps but also management and entrepreneurship. I’d like to take evening classes in management when I graduate.

Florian intern

2. Is it your first experience as an intern? Where have you interned before coming here?

I already had done three internships before coming here. I did my first internship before I started college. I wanted to have a work experience prior to my studying to better know how it’d be like. I interned for a NYC-based company founded by Belgians who were back in Belgium for only three months. I stayed with them for a month and got to help working on their app: Butterfly.

My second experience was at Design Practice during Easter break last year. There I got to work on the visual identity of the Jam Hotel. My supervisor was Julien VH. He decided to take me under his wing and put me in charge of the signage of the hotel following the graphic charter he had made. This internship was part of the study program at the CAD.

Finally, my third experience was at Emakina last summer. I had decided to cut my holidays short to get some work experience at a big firm. It was an interesting experience but not the best one.

3. Why did you chose EVO for your internship?

One of my teachers, Georges Petkidis, told me about your agency. He put me in contact with Clara and I sent her my curriculum, portfolio and a cover letter. She welcomed me with open arms 🙂 .

Florian intern

4. Are you happy with the experience? What were the highlights and the downsides of your internship?

This internship was actually the best I did so far. I think the agency’s work space has a lot to do with that. I like that everyone can communicate with each other so easily, all departments are in the same area and interacts with each other. I think it’s one of the agency’s biggest strengths. I enjoyed working with former CAD students, we understand each other pretty well. The projects I got to work on here were also really interesting. I did some video animation and email creation. I wasn’t very familiar with html coding, I learned a lot working on this. It was nice to be able to learn new things and be useful to the company at the same time.

To be totally honest, the only downside I can think of is that I lost every time we played MarioKart…

5. What was the most valuable lesson you learned here?

I don’t know if it’s a lesson but I learned a lot of video animation techniques and I’d say it is where I progressed the most, working with Marianne.Florian intern

6. How would you describe the atmosphere at EVO, work-wise and team-wise?

The team is very dynamic and the working area is really well designed in terms of communication and teamwork. The well-being of the employees is also important and you can see that in the added activities like the wii or the ping pong table. It helps build connexions within the team and helps everyone know each other from a different perspective. I think it allows people to better communicate in their work, therefore it’s a very important aspect of the work environment. To summarise a bit, I’d say the atmosphere is friendly and professional at the same time.

7. Would you recommend EVO to students looking for internship? Why?

Definitely, since it was my best internship so far. It felt good to be trusted with real projects. It is really rewarding for an intern to be able to say that he/she isn’t working on an empty project, something that was made up for you to work on but isn’t a real project. I also enjoyed working with a young and dynamic team; I think it is one of the company’s biggest assets and one of the reasons I’d recommend it to everyone.

Florian intern

8. Will this internship have an impact on the way you apprehend your classes at school? How?

All the internships I’ve made have allowed me to become more organised and professional. However, we’re already trained for that in school as we are learning from real professionals. So it feels like being in an agency already. Still, this internship was different from the one I did at Emakina, more enjoyable.

9. What was your best memory during your 3 weeks at EVO?

The MarioKart races, even though I lost!

Florian intern

10. Would you like to leave a message to the future interns coming to EVO?

I’d say: be curious. It’s important to have a general knowledge of what it is that people are doing in every department not just the one you are interning or working in. It allows you to participate in more projects but also to apprehend your own job more accurately. I’d also say: give it all you can. Work hard and give everything you have to a project. That way you will learn more and be better at what you do.

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