As a digital marketing group, we pride ourselves on being on top of all the latest digital technologies in and outside of our field. In order to be with it, we believe you need an open-mindedness and a passionate motivation to keep following and to keep learning everyday.

TEDx events encapsulate all of these values and that’s why we at EVO attended this year’s TEDx Brussels. These are our highlights looking towards the future.

Ethics & communication

Dries Depoorter Die With Me

Probably our favorite speaker was Dries Depoorter and his hilarious and thought-provoking digital art. He mentioned projects of his such as Tinder In, where he compared people’s Tinder and Linkedin profile pictures, his follower Scratch Tickets for social media, his Jaywalking and surveillance paparazzi and his current app, Die with me. This last app is only usable when your phone reaches 5% battery or less and connects you with other low battery app users, so you can say goodbye. Not only did these great art projects make us laugh, but they made us think deeper about the effects and ethics of social media and of the media in general.

As a political scientist and Director of the Open Society European Policy Institute, we were glad to hear Heather Grabbe talk about critical thinking. She especially focussed on social media, a subject we’re very familiar with at EVO. Our smartphones are the new biggest channels for misinformation and they’re extremely addictive to boot. How can we keep thinking critically? Always check the content and make it’s raw not processed. Wise words!

Jochanan Eynikel, business philosopher at Etion, reflected on the neutrality of technology. With autonomous technology, the machine makes the ethical decision or judgement and therefore, is not neutral. Ethics need to be taken into account during its creation. He illustrated his point with a great example of ethically aligned design in Semcon’s smiling car. Take a look at their commercial here!

Semcon smiling car


Only one speaker truly stood out to us in this part of the talks about Destination. Jonathan Kubben Quinonez, the influencer better known as @momimfine on social media, talked about the inspiration for his project and how he made it all happen. Nowadays, traveling is his main occupation and he finds positive, enlightening experiences to share with his community of over 300.000 followers.

Jonathan Kubben Quinonez momimfine


Adele Luta, a cognitive neuroscientist, flight controller and space walk supervisor for NASA, talked about how to overcome challenges in life. We were struck by her point of finding a new perspective. Talking to someone completely foreign to the subject you’re dealing with and trying to put yourself in their shoes, so as to open up to a different point of view.

When we think about the future and technology, we often picture flying cars (thank you, Back to the Future). Autonomous cars are already on the road and they will become an integral part of our lives. Miel Horsten, CEO of ALD Automotive Belgium and expert on mobility, gave us a great preview of the questions we’ll have to deal with in the future of the automotive industry and that will affect all of us.

To find out more about this year’s speakers, you can visit the TEDx website and if you want regular updates and news about digital technology and marketing, don’t hesitate to follow us on Facebook!

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