Have you been following EVO on social media? If not, it’s high time you did! Last month, we started a 4-week series about great places near the EVO headquarters. Here’s a recap, so you can easily retrieve all our favourite spots and try them out for yourself!

1# Great places to work with a coffee

Even though we have a beautiful, comfortable office space at EVO and we get spoiled with an amazing selection of coffee and tea, we sometimes like to switch it up or stretch our legs. Every once in a while, it’s nice to get work done outside the office, just to get in that different headspace. Our number one place to do this is Louise Factory.

Louise Factory EVO places

Despite the name, this cafe is nothing like a factory, on the contrary! This ancient mansion was remodelled and turned into a little coffee oasis in the city. We like that it’s right across from our office and the atmosphere is calm. The perfect place for a good brainstorm!

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2# Our favorite spots to eat lunch

We’re lucky to be located in a great area when it comes to food and restaurants. One of the places we particularly love to go to for lunch, partially because it’s so close to our office, but mostly because of the original concept and delicious, fresh food, is G-Spud.

G-Spud EVO places

As the name says it, they serve potatoes (spuds) and they are HUGE! Baked to perfection, they are then covered in sauce and any topping you might fancy. Aside from the tasty spuds, we are in love with the instagram-friendly interior! It’s gorgeous from every angle. It’s also a welcome change from our usual sandwiches or pasta.

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3# Great places for after-work drinks

At EVO, we love to get to know each other better while relaxing with a drink after work. Green Lab is nearby, provides a great atmosphere and the drinks are to die for.

Green Lab EVO places

Gin fans, this is the place to be. Their assortment of 200 types of gin makes for a very hesitant order but you’ll never get a bad one!  What we like: The gin, obviously, the industrial chic interior and their great parties!

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4# Great places for a business meeting

Some of our close partners are startups with small offices or coworking spaces. When they need to organise a bigger meeting, it can be a pain to find a good space, so we tend to recommend them our favourite: Silversquare Stéphanie.

Silversquare EVO places

The SilverSquare centres are well-known around Belgium for their services and meeting places. They have a special “All-in” formula, for those who need meeting spaces regularly. We love the modern interior design of all the SilverSquare spots!

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